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See how our Permanency Primers©️ fill the gap!

This month the Department of Children and Families’ Office of Quality and Innovation (OQ) released a preliminary summary outlining common barriers to performance in the area of Case Worker Parent Engagement/Quality Visits. While the document was not officially validated against any or all lead agencies or case management organizations, the barriers presented line up with frontline experience of case managers AND parents!

When I read this, I am jumping up and down in my head because our Permanency Primers© are exactly who can help fill this gap! We are not here to replace case managers; we are here to help both the parent and the case manager! We coach, encourage, and support the parents while also providing secondary case management support to case managers.

We have been executing this role for a year now and getting great feedback from parents and case managers. Recently, we had a case-carrying supervisor encourage her entire team to send us their parents after she realized exactly what we could do for her! It’s not rocket science but when your brain is saturated in cortisol due to the chronic stress that is created by wearing too many hats and shouldering too much responsibility, you lack the executive functioning required to sort out how a resource can help.

We innovate by starting with the customer and working backwards. That becomes the touchstone for how we invent. –Jeff Bezos. And that’s exactly what we did at 4 Sisters in the development of Permanency Primer© and continue to do in the execution of this model.

We are the solution to your performance related to permanency and frontline turnover in child welfare case management!

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