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"The answer may surprise you! See what founder & CEO of 4 Sisters Eva Horner had to say."

"I’ll get straight to the point with this- no. Case managers are inundated with trainings on engagement strategies but that doesn’t get to the core issue- their capacity to use this knowledge. Why? Workload, turnover, and tenure.


This problem has gotten lost in averages for decades. Currently, however, even the averages point to high caseloads, which equals workload and everything on this workload must get done without ability to prioritize. This results in getting behind, increased stress, and limits on their executive functioning which impacts how we manage our relationships.


Turnover in this position has plagued the industry for decades as well. As long as you have moderate to high turnover that results in caseload distribution, this alone will have a negative impact on engagement and support of families.


With most case managers leaving within the first 18 months of employment, they barely know the job and must have higher level skills such as relationship management. To effectively manage these relationships and support families, case managers and their supervisors must have a firm knowledge of the rules and regulations. When agencies have high to moderate turnover in this frontline role, they just aren’t able to provide parents with the level competency needed for permanency to be achieved timely.

This is precisely why I created a new case management model which takes all the above into account resulting in roles that are equipped to take on the level of skill needed to do each piece. One component is parent engagement.

Core to our model is TBRI® in which all our Primers© have been fully trained. Combined with their high-level skill in case management, they are able to actually provide the kind of support parents need while working towards reunification. "

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